Learning About Respecting Natural Habitats: Simple Activity for Preschoolers

natural habitatsMy youngest recently found some little Australian animal figures tucked away somewhere and snakes became an immediate favorite in our house.  So we’ve been looking at pictures, reading books, and learning a bit about them.

It was a good opportunity to discuss the natural habitats of animals and how we should respect them, so we did this simple activity.

We filled a muffin tray with objects that might be in a snake’s environment: rocks, sticks, leaves, sand, dirt, and water.  Then we talked about what snakes might need to eat, and luckily we had some little bunnies to use.

I asked my son what would happen if someone came by and dumped trash, or poisoned the water, or got rid of all the snake’s food.  Of course he was very adverse to the idea.  We discussed the importance of keeping the water and land clean and free of waste so that the animals can live safely.

One practical way we can help the animals and their habitats is by making sure we don’t litter and serving the community by picking up trash when we see it in nature.

Very simple, but quite effective for a four-year-old to set the stage for environmental awareness.


Have you discussed respecting natural habitats with your kids?  What subjects came up?


For many more activities that explore caring for animals, check out this post.



natural habitats


Feel free to share your experiences with this activity and/or any variations you came up with. Links to related activities or to your post that links here, are most welcome also.

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  1. says

    I love the way you integrated caring and stewardship with learning and critical thinking– I’m sure all without your little guy even knowing it. I also love how easy the activity is to do and how you can change it to fit so many different lessons! Thanks for the post.

    • says

      Thanks for commenting Rebecca! Learning is such a natural process and so simple at times – I sometimes “over-complicate” things so it’s great when everything comes together so simply.


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