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Easy and fun act of kindness for kids called Gratitude Goodie Bags

Gratitude Goodie Bags

Our family has been inspired to do three special "kindness outings" by the #FordThinking challenge as part of Kidspot Voices … {read more}

Raising Kids

Teaching kids to play with babies

Note to parents: Feel free to read this post aloud to your child. This article has been written … {read more}

Acts of Kindness

Creating We Care Kits for the Homeless is a great project for kids

Acts of Kindness by Real Families is a series of short interviews featuring stories about service to others. … {read more}


Learning to have a positive relationship with money and how you spend it

One of the everyday choices I have to make as a mother is how to spend money.  Do I spend a bit more to buy … {read more}

Teaching Values

Easy ways to help kids to explore and learn about the world around them

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave … {read more}

Simple Living

Newborn essentials

Last year, I shared a post about how I was decluttering our home and becoming more intentional about bringing … {read more}

Tools for Growth

Magnets with inspiring messages plus other gifts that are perfect for teachers or volunteers

Sometimes you just need a short motivational phrase to turn your day around.  That's why I adore … {read more}