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Weekly Exercise

One Thing Wednesday is a Facebook discussion series at Moments A Day sharing parenting inspiration ONE THING WEDNESDAY is a weekly personal growth exercise for parents shared on my Facebook page.  Locate the latest prompt pinned to the top of the page.

Character Building

activities Crafts, games, printables and puppet shows are among the range of character building activities available on this page. Great for parents as well as teachers.

Personal Growth

If you are looking for reflections and insights about navigating motherhood, head over to the Personal Growth page. It is the place to go for encouragement and perspective.


Starting solids stress free From creating peaceful bedtime routines to preparing meaningful birthday celebrations to fostering connected family relationships, find tips for positive parenting here.


Books for kids that teach positive character traits There are so many amazing resources to help families connect and build character... books, music, wall art, and more. Check out my recommendations on this page.

Paying it Forward

Fun ideas to make Valentines Day a time for random acts of kindness Teaching our kids to care for others through Acts of Kindness is not only a joy, but a great family bonding activity.  Read stories and get ideas for what your family can do here.